Corporate Citizenship

PSB Bank pledges to the community and environment our social and ecological responsibility. We do so through our contribution in Educational and Community Development Programs.


PSB Bank Bank is proud to be an integral part of our community. We value our ability to support a variety of organizations many of which advance the causes of education, health and well-being, community and business development.

Youth Education

PSB Bank firmly believes in the importance of youth education. Our objective is to make a contribution towards fighting poverty concerns and to create leaders for the future.

PSB Bank has set up an Educational Foundation to achieve these goals offering the following programs:
1.    Excellence Program
2.    Scholarship Program
3.    Rewards Program

What is the Excellence Program?

The Excellence Program offers young children and adolescents from the ages of 10 to 20 the opportunity to further develop their education and skills. The program focuses, among others, on developing several social abilities such as public speaking, presentation, conversation, debating and leadership skills as well as writing skills and etiquette. When necessary the program can also guide students to maintain their school performance on a high level, but also provides information on topics such as handling of money (saving, budgeting etc.), nutrition, positive attitude/mindset etc. 

What is the Scholarship Program?

The Scholarship program offers students the chance to earn a scholarship and apply for higher education after secondary school. These programs work as incentives for our young people and increase the chance for a better future for them. 

Rewards Program

In addition to the Excellence and the Scholarship programs, PSB Bank has also designed reward programs for students of Secondary Educational levels, such as MBO,VSBO, HBO, UNA  and IFE. These reward programs prize outstanding students for their achievements and include topics related to banking but also themes important to the overall community. 

Affordable Housing

It is of significant importance to create opportunity for middle to lower income families to qualify for affordable homes. Through the cooperation of Private Public Partnership (PPP) we are able to develop new housing plans for our community.  Safe, comfortable and affordable homes combined with adequate basic services promotes improvement in productivity in human beings and creates more socially responsible citizens. 

There is a steady and growing demand for affordable homes within our community. We encourage developers to see the social benefits and economical opportunities that are associated with the provisioning of affordable housing. Tackling the housing shortages and improving the quality of life of the most productive segment of our population will ensure an increase in our GDP and a sustainable economic growth.