Mission & Vision

The PSB Bank Experience

PSB Bank became an essential part of the community a century ago. Talking about an experienced bank to handle your financial matters. It started as Postspaarbank and was founded as a savings institution for the working class. PSB Bank is one of the pioneering institutions in providing home mortgages for the working class and the young starters. Our bank plays a major role in the development of the home mortgage market of Curaçao. The first mortgage was granted in 1936.

The Bank has developed into a major bank now and it offers a variety of financial products and services, just like any other major bank, designed with the needs of you, our client, in mind.

Our Bank consists of a team of well-trained and dedicated professionals with several years of banking experience. At PSB Bank we commit to principles upon which we conduct every affair. These principles and our professionals are the core of foundation and our organization.  An excellent service is what we offer to our clients. Our aim is, through honesty and integrity; contribute to the positive development of our community in general and our clients in particular.

Our Vision:
PSB Bank aims to be a modern, solid and reliable financial institution. The primary objective of PSB Bank is to facilitate and satisfy its clients in their financial necessities by offering competitive and tailor made solutions through PSB Bank products.

PSB Bank does so through well-trained, reliable, upright and dedicated personnel, who give excellent service to our clients and community, inspired by the commitment for their work and company.

Our Mission:
PSB Bank is committed to contribute to the financial, economic and social development of our new country, serving every sector in our community. PSB Bank service is based upon the necessities of the client. PSB Bank will enter into local and international strategic alliances where necessary for the benefit of our clients.

The professionals at PSB Bank are proud to work for the bank and are determined to achieve their goals defined on a foundation of self initiative, effort, honesty, mutual respect, open communication (internally and externally), teamwork and through the use of modern technology.