Sponsors & Donations

PSB Bank is aimed to bring awareness to one’s surroundings and the responsibility for the environment.

PSB Bank is particularly focused on young people and nature, aiming to become a “green” bank. Our Bank promotes sustainable entrepreneurship and gladly sponsors projects aimed at a cleaner environment. Education is also a concern to us. Our youth must have the opportunity to grow and become aware of their talents and surroundings.

Send us an e-mail

PSB Bank sponsorship policy is aimed to the following points:

• Youth and education
• Environment and sustainability

Any group, whether it be a sporting club, a school or a local organization, PSB Banks wants to know what your goals are. If your initiative falls into one of the two abovementioned categories please contact us at our Marketing Department:
Submit a request through our Marketing Department

To make sure all required information is submitted, your e-mail should include the following information:

• Short description of project/ goal
• Objectives (what do you want to achieve?)
• Where and when does the project take place ?
• Who will be participating (possible other sponsors)?
• What do you want PSB Bank to do for you? A budget is necessary for the approval of funds. 
• How will PSB Bank gain exposure and what do you require from us for this purpose?

Evaluation of your request

After submitting your request, the evaluation will take a few weeks. You’ll be notified as soon as a decision is reached.

Request declined?

If your request for sponsorship is declined it could be mostly because it does not fit into our criteria. Most projects that fit into our criteria are welcome. If it is declined you can always request sponsorship for other projects or events that fall into the two abovementioned criteria’s. PSB Banks is always willing to help and offers the opportunity to all organizations to submit their projects.

Difference between sponsorship and donation Sponsorship


With sponsorship, PSB Bank makes a contribution to your project in exchange for exposure or a service in return.


With donations, PSB Bank makes a contribution to your project without receiving exposure or a service in return.